Exceptional People Aren’t Normal

exceptional people

Learning about average people, doesn’t make us exceptional it makes us “normal”. But what does normal entail? Mediocre lifestyle, career, wage, family and happiness – doesn’t that sound awful? No one I mean no one, wants to be average, in fact we want to be exceptional. But we keep being average by hanging out with […]

Reverse Bucket List

Reversed Bucket List

The Reverse Bucket List The reverse bucket list was inspired by one of my favorite blogs to read, TheUncagedlife.com. Often times we find ourselves so stuck on improving ourselves, we forget the things that we’ve accomplished in the past. Therefore thanks to Rebecca, I created this list of the things I am proud that I’ve completed in my own […]

The Modern You Episode 009: The Good Morning Solution

Hello everyone and welcome to The Modern You Podcast I’m Max Turner your host. Today’s topic is going to be about something I discovered – it’s all about having a good morning! So without further ado…. Happiness starts with a good morning… Let’s be honest there’s a lot of information out there that pertains to […]

The Modern You Podcast Episode 008: Training for Happiness and Get Happy

Get Happy… The Truth Revealed. How do you think a millionaire compared to a slum dweller would rate his/her happiness on a 1-7 scale on average? Surprisingly better than you might think. According to a study from the book Train Your Brain to Get Happy, American multimillionaires rated their happiness levels at 5.8 (averaged). Compared […]