The Modern You Episode 009: The Good Morning Solution

Hello everyone and welcome to The Modern You Podcast I’m Max Turner your host. Today’s topic is going to be about something I discovered - it's all about having a good morning! So without further ado…. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of information out there that pertains to having a good morning that is [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 008: Training for Happiness and Get Happy

How do you think a millionaire compared to a slum dweller would rate his/her happiness on a 1-7 scale on average? Surprisingly better than you might think. According to a study from the book Train Your Brain to Get Happy, American multimillionaires rated their happiness levels at 5.8 (averaged). Compared to a slum dweller in [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 007: Limiting Beliefs

People have limiting beliefs in their lives because they believe they can't change them. Is that really true? So I always like to start with some good beliefs that we think would make us better but really doesn’t. Here’s a great example of a limiting belief. Imagine a world with no limitations. You could do [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 006: Learning to Forgive Something Difficult

Today on The Modern You Podcast we talk about forgiveness... Sounds like such a nasty word especially when we are upset, or know we need to forgive someone to move on. But I realized sometimes that we live with hate, sorrow and pain throughout our lives. It's very difficult to let go so today is [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 005: The Story Behind the Voice on The Modern You Podcast – Max Turner

In this episode on The Modern You Podcast I tell a story about me, Max Turner. It's a hard story to tell but nonetheless an important one. This episode is a little different from the other TMY podcasts I have recorded in the past. I will introduce the  characters in this story... My mother a [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 004: How Being Thankful Can Motivate Us

In today's The Modern You Podcast goes deep into what exactly being thankful can mean for you and for me. How being thankful can help motivate us and relieve us of our stress, worries and anxieties. Personally I love to rattle off what I am thankful for and am proud to be thankful for the [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 003: Motivating Others and Building Your Personality

In The Modern You Podcast Episode Three we go over a real life funny experience on how doing something for others builds your personality, motivates you and helps coach others to feel better about themselves. Learn how you can better help others and achieve success by creating less negativity in your life by not giving [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 002: Challenge Accepted

In the The Modern You Podcast episode 002 we go over what makes us awesome, thrilled and awesome about us for example, what makes you excited? Motivated? Happy? What do you enjoy about your life? Take a moment to picture and visualize how and what you've become. This podcast is all about motivating you to [...]


The Modern You Podcast Episode 001: What is Your Why?

In The Modern You Podcast Episode One, Max Turner jumps right into his mission to help motivate people discover who they are by asking a rather simple but complex question "What is your why?". What makes you motivated to complete your goals? What really stands between you and your dreams? On The Modern You Podcast [...]